Penhurst has been a community in East Cobb County since 1982. The history of the land prior to development and photos of Penhurst in it’s early days are of considerable interest to our community.  Here is a comment about Penhurst in its early days, courtesy of our former neighbor, Neely Cousins:
“The Penhurst lake (Thompson Lake) used to be a private fishing club. There was a gravel road into the property from Roswell Road, leading to a turn around and a wooden dock. I believe hearing from Mrs. Murdock before she died that it was dammed and created in the middle of last century (maybe the 50’s).  It is also called Johnson Lake and shows on old maps. When original residents Chuck Cousins and Dewey Mozley decided to build in here, they had to walk the property from Pine Road, before Arvida (Development Company) started clearing the roadway. Phase I ended at the club house, but sales were so successful the rest of the development quickly followed. There were LOTS of bullfrogs, snakes and huge hardwoods!”
The three lakes remain a wonderful place for residents to fish, boat or just enjoy the abundance of wildlife living among the area.   Penhurst is home to many of its' original owners and some children who grew up in Penhurst have moved back here to raise their own families.